LLASH COVID-19 Emergency Response 


Thanksgiving 2020 Giveaway 11/22

LLASH has partnered with the Emmanuel Brinklow Seventh-day Adventist Church to address the rapidly growing number of hungry families in our community:

On January 9, 2021, at 12:00 pm, we will distribute food to those in need at Emmanuel Brinklow Church.


18800 New Hampshire Ave,

Ashton, MD 20861

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If you are in need of food please reach out to us at 240-832-1039 or the church at 301-774-0400.

Poorer health for children  

Food insecure children are more likely to experience stomach aches, headaches, colds, ear infections, and fatigue. They are sick more often, recover more slowly, and are more likely to be hospitalized.

Poorer health for seniors

Food insecure seniors are 53 percent more likely to report a heart attack, 52 percent more likely to develop asthma, and 40 percent more likely to report an experience of congestive heart failure.

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